Patrick - Troubadour of Rock





I am a musician from Sweden with many years of experience from the music- and entertaninment business. I've been working as a troubadour and been playing in alot of different bands since the late 1980s.

   I play all the cover-standards that people are familliar with. Where many troubadurs tend to stick to slow and soft songs, I have more "uptempo" songs in my folder. They are rock tunes that everybody knows, and they get the party going for sure! I have all the easy listning songs as well, if thats required.  

   My goal with every gig is to achieve a successful, professional and a fun arrangement. It doesn't matter if it's a small pub or a big wedding, I always do 110% to make people feel good, and I have an easy happy-go-lucky way when I'm on stage. My repertoar is from the 1950s til todays hits, and I'm always looking for new interesting tunes to play.

If you have any special song requests, mail them to me and I will be happy to learn them for your event! 

I have recorded a demo and a medley is HERE!

 For detailed info:
cellphone:             +66(0)8 49030021     

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